Counselling psychology seeks to engage empathetically and respectfully with peoples` values and beliefs. Counselling psychologists do not assume individuals` experiences, feelings or values. The profession is practice led and based on research.

I am accredited as a chartered counselling psychologist under the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Chartered psychologists have to complete a standard of proficiency to achieve and maintain this level of professional registration. In line with my professional standing, experience and study I fully respect the issue of confidentiality, human rights, ethics and I follow the BPS Code of Conduct.

I always focus support within a relational framework. This means I am person centred but incorporate the most appropriate psychological models within the therapy process. This integration is a key difference between counselling psychologists and other therapists and counsellors. As a counselling psychologist, I have had a broad range of training and experience in various therapeutic methodologies. I am able to adapt these methods to meet the needs of individuals. I use most frequently:

I work across the age range with adults, children and teenagers. I understand the importance of evidence based psychological methodologies to assist those who are suffering psychological distress.

Please Note: I accept referrals when they are funded and initiated by organisations. This includes educational settings, private health and social care services, charities, social care, NHS, Civil Services and Insurance Companies. I am not currently accepting self-referred cases from individual families, parents or children.